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Thank You

We would like to say, a Very Special Thank You

to our kids and the girls that started it all. Our kids have been amazing in the support and growth of our business. Our daughter Harley designed our logos and has invested in our business and with her skin sensitivity, she was more than willing to help us perfect Bare Mountain Naturals top secret recipes. She put in countless hours of work to help this business succeed. Our son Wyatt, has also put in more than his share of work around the farm. From digging post holes for new pastures, stringing wire, helping construct buildings, and being one of the fastest milkers we have seen this side of the Mississippi. Harley and Wyatt both are our main models (mainly because they work for soap). They have helped us pick out fragrances and if ever we needed an extra hand, one or both of them would always be there to jump in. Our kids are amazing and we definitely would not have started this business without their help and support. 

Bessie and Bailey are the goats that started this business. Up until 2018, Bessie and Bailey have supplied us with all the milk necessary that goes into our goat milk soaps and lotions!  The girls are Saanen's and one of the largest breeds of goats in the world. They have done an amazing job and we will always be forever grateful to this amazing pair of gentle giants.


Great products, they smell amazing!

Kristina Fernald 

5 out of 5 stars   

Wonderful smell!! This lotion is one of the best I have ever had!!

Martina Abell 

5 out of 5 stars   


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